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Sunday, May 11, 2008

~Bahagia Pasti~

Dear, thank you for coming into my life...u know what, u are someone special for me...all ur love, caring and ur understanding are complete my life...I appreciate for every moment that you spend for me...I always thank to ALLAH because give us a chances to be together...n I always hope that we will together forever...When I was sad, u always here beside me to make me happy agains....u never feel bored to face my crazy attitude...ekekeke;p..u never mad at me when sometime i'm become stubborn,huhu...thank you dear...believe me, no one can take ur place in my heart....I know our family is not complete yet...we need a kids, right....but I know all this is a part of test from ALLAH to us...I belive ALLAH will give us a kids someday...I can't wait to spend our new chapter of our life, forever with u....whatever happens i'm not fear yet because u are here with me...I'm so grateful...Thank you dear for ur understanding, caring and ur love...
"Bahagia Pasti Milik Kita Nanti"

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