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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

:: BestFriend ::

When we talk about bf..sure, everyone have a bf, right?..All of us have their own bf definitions..for me, bf is:- someone very special..someone who u can trust..someone who will be there when u need them..someone who can sharing everything with u..someone who can cry n laugh with u..someone who can understanding u..someone who are caring about u..someone who are honest to is ur soul too..without them u are nothing..huhu.. I've have bf too..i guest i only have 2 bf in my life..The 1st one is my lovely hubby @ w.m.syakir hihihih..He very understanding person..take care too..he can laugh n also cry with me..tq dear..;p..beside him i always feel safe..huhu..with him i can talk everything whitout a ashame feeling..the most important thing, he is a good listener too..;))one more thing, when i told him about my problem or family problem, he never show the bored face to me..ahaks..and he always try to help me to solve the problem too..* so sweet ;)* no secret between us..tq for everything my u owes.. 2nd bf is kakcik @ azryna ..hihihi..beb!! i know if u read this entry u will laugh yourself ;))..but it is true okey..i guest you're my bf..very2 special..huuhuhu..although our relationship is not very longer but i feel very comfortable to told u everything about myself..we can talk all about topic without a coy feel..i admit even i have a lot of friends like eja, linni, fairuz, intan,..but it not same when i be friend with u..believe it or not, i never told all my problem to them, before..don't know y?but i more comfortable to keep it as a secret..but when i know u, i nevermind to told u everything..ahakss..tq coz want to be friend with me..tq coz be a good listener..tq for ur advice..tq for ur support..tq for everything that u had ever done for me before..hehehe... Beb!! tq because want to be friend with me..Beb!! u know what..i love u..ur are a good appreciate this relationship..and i hope we can be friend forever..insyallah.. Beb!! if u read this entry, i want u to know that i love our relationship..i love u friend..ahakss;p p/s: kakcik, if u read this entry, don't "kembang2" okey...wakakkaa...

3 Bisikan Asmara (::

nizza-abira said...

hai syaida,
ni email niza
senang2 add ye...

azryna said...

emmmm rasa terharu lak nak tegelak pun ada...nak gelak leh..kahkahkah..pe2 pun thanks coz angap aku bf ang..aku pun cmtu jgk..harap ia berkekalan k.

~ayusyaida~ said...

hehhe..aku yg dok luahkan apa yg ada lam hati sanubari aku nipun nk tegelak hg tol aku iklas..akupun harap persahabatan kita ni kekal slamanya..insyallah..amin..